Annual USGS 104B Base Grants

CreekAnnual base grants (104b) are awarded to each of the 54 state Institutes or Centers to help support applied and peer-reviewed research, education, and outreach activities on local or regional water resource issues.  Annual base grants are required to have a 2:1 match by the Institute for a given year.  Projects funded by the IWRRC focus on basic and applied research to solve water problems unique to Indiana.

The total budget for each state is $125,000, which includes administrative costs of running each Institute or Center.

2021 Request for Proposals (.pdf) – closed for 2021


Annual 104G National Competitive Research Grants

Text provided from The U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the National Institutes for Water Resources supports an annual call for proposals to focus on water problems and issues that are of a regional or interstate nature or relate to a specific program priority identified by the Secretary of the Interior and the Institutes.

The goals of the National Competitive Grants program are to promote collaboration between the USGS and university scientists in research on significant national and regional water resources issues; promote the dissemination and results of the research funded under this program; and to assist in the training of scientists in water resources.

Funding for this program is around 1 million dollars in federal funds per year that are required to be matched with non-federal dollars. Any investigator at an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States is eligible to apply for a grant through a Water Research Institute or Center established under the provisions of the Water Resources Research Act. Successful research topics have included:

  • research on improving and enhancing the nation’s water supply,
  • developing innovative approaches to water treatment,
  • evaluation of the dynamics of extreme hydrological events and associated costs,
  • development of methods for better estimation of the physical and economic supply of water,
  • developing approaches for integrated management of ground and surface waters, and
  • the evaluation and assessment of conservation practices.

2020 Request for Proposal (.pdf) – closed for 2020

The IWRRC has developed Submission Guidelines to provide assistance with the proposal process.


2020 104G Aquatic Invasive Species National Competitive Research Grants

For 2020, there is an additional funding opportunity for aquatic invasive species research specific to the Upper Mississippi River basin. For more information, please review the RFP below.

Full proposals must be submitted through IWRRC.

2020 Request for Proposal – Aquatic Invasive Species (.pdf) – closed for 2020